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Where is Loudoun County, Virginia?

Loudoun County is in the greater Washington, DC metropolitan area, and more specifically is one of the counties considered as the “Northern Virginia” region of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Leesburg, the County seat, is approximately 45 minutes from DC. Loudoun is bordered on the north by the Potomac River and the Eastern portion of the county is the location of the Dulles International Airport and the fast growing high tech industry.

How fast is Loudoun County growing?

Loudoun County has been deemed in recent years to be the “fastest growing county in the United States”. It is also the largest county, geographically, in Northern Virginia.

What is “Western Loudoun” and what is “Hunt Country”?

Western Loudoun is considered to be the area west of Route 15, James Monroe Highway, which runs north and south through Leesburg. Western Loudoun is comprised of small historic towns and villages, farms, horse properties and custom homes situated on large rural lots. “Hunt Country” refers to the equestrian sporting lifestyle pursued by many residents in the area including historic Middleburg in the southern portion of the county.

What is “Eastern Loudoun”?

This is a descriptive of the more urban areas of Loudoun County consisting of large planned communities and industry.

Can I find a lot to build my dream home in Loudoun County?

Yes, there are lots available of varying acreage in Western Loudoun. Lot sizes will generally range from 3 to 10 acres in size. Click here and we will be happy to find a perfect home for you..

Are the residential building lots further sub-dividable?

Generally, building lots offered for sale have already been subdivided to minimum acreage allowed under zoning ordinances.

What is a private driveway for a country property?

A private drive is an access easement for ingress and egress to a County/State maintained road. It is for the exclusive use, and is maintained by the property owners served by the roadway.

What are restrictive, or protective covenants?

Covenants are private deeded and recorded protections for all lots within a specific subdivided area of land. Generally, they govern the size and design of the house to be built along with the permitted uses of the land.

What is a Homeowners Association?

Planned communities generally have a Home Owners Association that provides many amenities and management. Generally, there is a fee collected from each owner on a monthly basis to provide for the maintenance of common areas, roads, facilities and many amenities that may include community and recreation centers, pools, tennis courts, jogging trails, etc.

With the most recent Western Loudoun County zoning rules now declared invalid by the Virginia Supreme Court, what is the current zoning?

It appears that we are back to previous zoning in Western Loudoun which was predominantly A-3, (Agricultural 3 acres minimum size for residence). However, no determination has been made at this time by our current Board of Supervisors.

What is Buyer Agency?

Traditionally, Realtors have represented the Sellers’ interest, even if they were working with a Purchaser. Now, Buyers have an opportunity to form their own brokerage relationship with a Realtor, thus becoming a Client who the Agent can freely advise. In most cases, the Seller still pays the commission, though it’s clearly understood that the Buyers Agent’s obligation is to the Buyer. This gives the Purchaser sole representation in their real estate transaction.

What is Land Use and Roll Back Taxes?

Some parcels of land in Loudoun County are in "Land Use", meaning the owners receive a tax break for having the land in agriculture or forestry use. Purchasers of property in Land Use have certain amount of time after settlement to apply to the county to keep the property in Land Use. If application is not made within that timeframe, back taxes, or roll back taxes, may be assessed to the purchaser and not to the previous owner. Group can assist you with the sometimes confusing process of purchasing land.

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